5 Types Of Students At Life Preparatory Academy

Disclaimer: This blog is not written to make fun of anyone. This is for recreational purpose only.

1. The genius who feel like an A is not even enough

In other words, the ones who find studying the most interesting pastime activities ever. Parties? Not their things. But you will definitely find them in every AP classes. Also, if they get a 97 or 98 on their tests, you’ll probably hear them whining and crying about their life is over.

2. The “Yes! I passed!!!”

So there will be at least one in every class that has this reaction whenever the test results are revealed. Getting 51%, just enough to pass the subject, is all they have ever dreamed of.

Well, what an excellent “dream comes true”.

3. The class clown

This one has that mysterious power to make people unable to hold their laughter every time he/she gets up to do something as simple as walking, sneezing or even just breathing…

I mean, he/she can never be stopped. This is a real talent! Humor is the next sexiness!!!

4. The party animals

These are the ones everyone wants to hang out and have fun with but not for too much because they are dead serious about going to every single party, event, dance, etc. in the school. We have to admit, they are the most interesting group of people in the school.

5. The fashionista

They literally own every clothing piece of hot items, for every season, for every year. They can turn a pair of boring looking jeans into a cute outfit effortlessly.

Their hairstyles are always on fleek. The way they walk to the gym for lunch is as if they were cat-walking for Gucci’s runway. And most of all, they have the eyes that can tell a normal tee from a cool one.

All in all, Life Prep is such a great international private academy as the school is full of diverse personalities, nationalities, and cultures.