Best Inexpensive (or Free) Things to do in Downtown Wichita, KS


            Its free to walk up and down the river in downtown Wichita, KS! There are so many things to do I could make a list just on the top things to see on the Riverwalk (walking path by the river). Things you must see include:

  • Keeper of the Plains (go at sunset to see the fire!)
  • The Waterwalk Fountains
  • There are plenty of modern art pieces and sculptures placed around downtown
  • See the memorials on the Riverwalk
  • Bike riding (bring your own or rent one!)


            Ride the Q! This is so much fun. Best of all it’s also FREE! This is a great thing to do on a weekend or weeknight. They also have a lunch trolley. It goes all around downtown Wichita and even into the Delano area with some great places to eat.


            Surprisingly, Wichita offers a great number of excellent Museums. One of the best kept secrets in Wichita is the Wichita Art Museum is free on Saturdays. Other notable Museums include the Museum of World Treasures, The Old Cowtown Museum, and The Exploration Place. All of which are amazing fun for all day activities.

Go to the Theater

            Wichita has many theater options. I don’t mean the movies; I’m talking about the live theater! The Music Theater of Wichita is in my opinion the best quality you’re going to get in our area of the Midwest. There are also the Music Theater for Young People, The Orpheum Theatre, and the Wichita Children’s Theater.


            If you haven’t been recently you should go to your local neighborhood library. However, the new Advanced Learning Library in Downtown Wichita is worth a visit. Buy a cup of coffee and sit down with a new book. Bring the family because there’s something for everyone. One of my favorite things is the book return. If you go, you’ll see why.

Bonus: Go Fishing!

            You’re in luck because today I have a bonus. Grab a rod and reel and catch some fish in the Arkansas (“Are-Kansas” in case you run into a local and you say it the wrong way) River. The fishing is actually pretty good and my advice is to ask the locals what to use for bait. It’s a great way to strike up conversation. See what Wichita, KS has to offe